Your advantage and benefit…


The IMMO-FLÜSTERER points the relevant pros and cons of an apartment you are planning to buyor rent  out to you  so you canmake a  properdecision. In doing so,  you can make use of more than 20years of experience as  an objective professional to evaluate your new apartment technically, economically and legally. And this at an unbeatable price. The IMMO-FLÜSTERER, having redecorated more than 200 apartments, knows what’s important.


In love with an apartment?

Searching for an apartment is like choosing a partner… We fall in love with an apartment because of a special view, a brilliant ground plan, a bright living room, afantastic bathroom……  At that moment we are really fallen in love and the bad pointshardly matter  anymore.  This is where the IMMO-FLÜSTERER, a sober-minded observer, helps to analyze all the other aspects of the apartment.


Be aware of hidden costs



Comparison with the purchase of a car…

With used cars it’s worth making a purchase examination by an automobile club (e.g. ÖAMTC). The IMMO--FLÜSTERER offers a similar check when you plan to purchase/rent an apartment. It is like a test run, an engine check, typeplate, permission, valid “Pickerl”… Ithe n case of an apartment you should also check the rising pipes for gas and water, the electric circuit, the land register, the condominium contract or approved submission documents BEFORE the purchase!


Mag. Ing. Johannes Kirchner offers as IMMO-FLÜSTERER purchase consultation. In the last 10 years he renovated with his company HAUS&HEIM Renovierungs-GmbH more than 200 apartments as a general contractor in total.


The motto of the IMMO-FLÜSTERER

If I can protect you from a bad buy and cost only a mini-fraction of the avoided damage, you will contact me again - or will recommend me to others.


What does IMMO-FLÜSTERER mean?

The IMMO-FLÜSTERER offers expert and competent information at the purchase of an apartment. The service of the IMMO-FLÜSTERER is comparable with a purchase consultation of the ÖAMTC for a used car.






All thatglitterss is not gold…

Be careful when buying an apartment! Sometimes attractive apartments contain the cheapest building materials. The IMMO-FLÜSTERER points you to"updone"“ parquet flooring, cheap fittings, which are sold by DIY (do it youself) shops, unapproved alterations, illegal electric wiring, etc.


Against all odds

Salesman, broker, bank, life insurance, architect and builders profit from your purchase. Hence, disadvantages will hardly be mentioned. There is no need for youto do  it on your own!  Whether you buy or rent, with the IMMO-FLÜSTERER by your side - you will always get the best!


Buzz words when buying an apartment

If Parifizierung, Aufsandungserklärung, Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung, Konsenspläne, Nutzwertgutachten, WE-Vertrag, Rangordnung, Lastenblatt, BTVG, MRG, WEG isall "Greek"  to you ... the IMMO-FLÜSTERER helps.


Save valuable time!

Despite the internet, competent and objective advice on buying a somewhere to live is hard to find. Instead, you ask your relatives, acquaintances or architects, artisans and lawyers that you know. Rather than calling many, call one: the IMMO-FLÜSTERER.


Lack of information can be expensive…

With the help of the IMMO-FLÜSTERER you can demand the correct documents from the estate agent at once to avoid having to pay expensively for things you forget.


Naïve assessment…

If the purchaseprice of  the apartment (+extra costs) plus the renovation (apartment interior) plus the external renovation (stair well, roof…) is below the usual market price - then you should buy!


Which achievements does the IMMO-FLÜSTERER offer?

  • Technical information: Examination of the building substance inside the apartment and at the general surfaces of the house. Examination of the quality of apartments already renovated.
  • Legal information: Examination of the completeness of the documents submitted by the salesman. Call attention to legal weak points at contracts, plans and land register.
  • Commercial information: Examination of the market value of the apartment, renovation costs inside and at the general surfaces (roof, front, staircase, cellar), costs for the contract.
  • Architectural information: Are the planned ground plan, restructurings or fusions possible? Is the new ground plan highly functional and practical at all?
  • Personal information: Call attentionto"amorousnesses",, preventing from hasty purchase-offers, calming during the stress of purchase, tipps for the poker at the purchase price.
  • What does the IMMO-FLÜSTERER want toachieve??


The philosophy of the IMMO-FLÜSTERER is to protect the buyer of too emotional or hastyacting:"Ass long as a neutral advisor whispers into my ear, that I have not seen important documents yet, that building approvals are missing, that the promises of the salesman are not obligatory, etc., I, as a buyer, remain watchful and I am at least warned before I putmy purchase-offer."  Mag. Kirchner had to experience hisself, how quickly the dream of the renting house property became a nightmare. He experienced many bad surprises with his real estates and learnt it the hardway:"II would like to avoid this grief and sorrow I had for many years to eachnew buyer."”


When should you contact the IMMO-FLÜSTERER?

Whenyoue alread have  visited the apartment several times and would buy it in principle, but want to have a reliable estimate for the renovations in the apartment and the general surfaces before, as well as further tippsforo the purchase.


What does the IMMO-FLÜSTERER do?

A practical example:

Mr. and Mrs.SAMPLEh would like to buy an old apartment in the 9th districtand have  alread  visited the apartment 2 times with the broker. In order to disregard nothing important, they are looking for a neutral and competentadviser. On  the internet they find the IMMO-FLÜSTERER and arrange an appointment on the scene.

Already at the first telephone conversation the IMMO-FLÜSTERER asks, which documents the broker has submitted. The missing documents were orderd at the broker for the appointed day.

Duringthe inspection,  the IMMO-FLÜSTERER notes and photographs the weak points of the apartmentand provides,  due to the restructuring desires of Mr. andMrs. SAMPLE  an estimate for the apartment renovation inside. Subsequently, the general parts of the house were visited. TheIMMO-FLÜSTERER also notes  the weak points of the attic, staircase, cellar, rising mains and front.

After the appointment withthe broker,  they go into a café nearby: the pros and cons of the apartment are listed. The IMMO- FLÜSTERER hands out a written estimate for the renovation, which the buyers can submit to the salesman. If the current market value of the apartment (in this site, in this district) is higher than the purchase price plus the apartment renovation costs plus the costs at general surfaces, which can be expected, then a purchase is recommended. Next the documents of the broker are examined: Land register excerpt, sales contract draft, residential property contract, submitting plans, building approval, using grant…Generally, the  IMMO-FLÜSTERERimmediately recognizes  roughlacks such as  missing building permits, missing residential property, insolvency of the joint owners, unfavorable contracts for Mr. and Mrs. SAMPLE, verbal promises of the broker, which were not fixed in writing, missing backkept from money for future achievements of the salesman etc.

At the following personal questioning, why Mr. and Mrs. SAMPLE want to buy exactly thisapartment, he  learn  that Mrs. SAMPLE is completely in love with the enormous bathroom (25 m² !), because she likes to take a bath. The IMMO-FLÜSTERER explains that this apartment has a bathroom, which is much too large, and although the apartment has 90 m² it has not a second bedroom at all. That lowers the resale value of the apartment.

As Mr. and Mrs. SAMPLE nevertheless remain willing to purchase, the IMMO-FLÜSTERER gives them tipps for making an offer (with reservations) and/or for the reduction of the purchase price in amount of the renovation costs. As they seem to bee uncertain, he recommends them to a reliable lawyer. In the café,  Mr. and Mrs. SAMPLE pay a consulting fee for 2 hours.


It is not the central request of the IMMO-FLÜSTERER to recognize immediately all errors and lacks of an apartment, but to sensitize the buyers and to whisper, that there are weak points or that lacks have been overlooked.



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